Kiwi 8 (SE)

8m × 4.4m × 1.830m — 45,000 Litres

Side Entry Elegance Meets Uninterrupted Luxury

Kiwi 8 SE: A New Dimension in Pool Design

8m × 4.4m × 1.830m

45,000 Litres

Introducing the Kiwi 8 SE, a pioneering addition to our pool range with its distinctive side entry feature. Spanning 8 meters in length and designed with a voluminous 45,000-litre capacity, this pool is a harmonious blend of form and function. Its innovative side entry not only adds a touch of modernity but also ensures an uninterrupted swimming lane, perfect for those who cherish their laps or leisurely swims.

The Kiwi 8 SE’s central entry and seating area provide a welcoming spot for relaxation and social interaction, making it an ideal choice for family gatherings. Its generous size and contemporary design make it a versatile pool for both fun and fitness, while the side entry steps offer an inviting and accessible experience for all ages.

Dive into our Fibreglass Pool Features

Enhanced Capacity

20%-25% more water volume than typical pools of this size, for a more spacious and enjoyable swim.

Family-Centric Layout

Central seating area perfect for family interactions and relaxation.

Spacious and Versatile

With Uninterrupted swimming lanes it has ample room for play, exercise, and tranquil swims.

Crafted in New Zealand

Locally made with excellence, ensuring superior quality and quicker installation.

The Secret Ingredient About our Pool Colours


A range of striking, high performance gelcoats giving an extremely decorative and reflective finish. These highly durable coatings exhibit outstanding weather and fade resistance properties and contain stunning jewel highlights.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to try and represent the actual colours in our website, however owing to the reflective nature of these finishes and inherent distortions in photographic and printing processes, some variations may be noted. We will bring actual colour samples to provide you with a better colour comparison.

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Ocean Blue

Coral Blue

Reef Blue






The Emblematic Kiwi | Pukupuku Nature's Ingenuity: Essence of Kiwi 8 SE

Drawing inspiration from New Zealand’s emblematic bird, the Kiwi, our Kiwi 8 SE pool embodies the qualities of this unique creature. The Kiwi, known for its distinctive nocturnal lifestyle and remarkable presence, reflects the pool’s blend of innovation and natural beauty. Just as the Kiwi navigates the forest floor with ease, the Kiwi 8 SE’s side entry design offers an unobstructed and seamless swimming experience, harmonizing perfectly with your outdoor living space.

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