Transform your backyard into a PERSONAL OASIS with a fibreglass pool

Deciding to get a pool can be daunting.

We make it a whole lot easier, more efficient, less stressful and more fun.

Dear future pool owner,

Principal Pools understands that finding the perfect pool can be overwhelming. 

You may have questions running through your mind.

How much will it cost?

What size pool will fit in my space?

Do I need consent?

What colour should I choose?

Or perhaps you’re concerned about the installation process and how long it will take.

Don’t worry, Principal Pools understands the process from choosing your pool, right through to the final touches. We’ve been there too.

Ultimately you want to create a backyard oasis for your family and friends to enjoy, but making it happen can be stressful.

With many years of experience in making 100’s of our previous customers’ dreams come true, Principal Pools knows the process and wants to make it easier and stress-free for you – we’re here to help.

We will answer your questions and many more that you were not even thinking about to ensure you feel comfortable with every aspect of your purchase.

Our pledge is to be fair and transparent and to empower you with honest and reliable swimming pool information. 

We guarantee that creating the perfect pool for you and your family will be a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Do you want to feel confident and excited about your new pool? 

Ready to dive in?

Enjoy a Lifetime of Memories with our
Durable Fiberglass Pools

New Zealand Made

Experience Quality and Reliability with our NZ-made Fibreglass Pools.

Largest Swim Space

Our pools have the largest swim space (volume) available in New Zealand

Lifetime Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with our transferrable structural 25 year lifetime warranty.

Find Your Perfect Fit Explore More Pools, More Possibilities

Pipit 4

4 x 2.37m | 1.45 Depth | 9,000 L

Fantail 5

5.2 x 2.37m | 1.45 Depth | 10,000 L

Tui 6

6.5 x 3m | 1.8 Depth | 22,000 L

Kea 8

8 x 3m | 1.8 Depth | 31,000 L

Kakapo 8

8 x 4m | 1.9 Depth | 44,000 L

Kiwi 8 SE

8 x 4.4m | 1.83 Depth | 45,000 L

Heron 10

10 x 4.4m | 1.95 Depth | 55,000 L

Albatross 12

12 x 4.4m | 1.9 Depth | 66,000 L

Find Your Inspiration

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld and Dive into the elegance and style of modern fibreglass swimming pools.

Happy Swimmers Diving into our Client's Feedback

“I am completely blown away by the level of professionalism from the whole company. I cannot think of a better experience I’ve had. They really have their stuff together.”


Kakapo 8

“Principal Pools’ fibreglass pools are the best investment I’ve made for my family. The quality and durability of the pool exceeded our expectations.”

Jake & Jan

Kea 8

“I’m so glad I chose Principal Pools for my fibreglass pool installation. The entire process was stress-free, and the pool is beautiful and easy to maintain.”


Heron 10

“I love my new fibreglass pool from Principal Pools! It’s the perfect addition to our outdoor living space and has already brought so much joy to our family.”

Rachel & Glen

Tui 6

“Principal Pools exceeded my expectations in every way. The team was friendly, efficient, and professional. I highly recommend them to anyone in the market for a fibreglass pool.”


Albatross 12

Excellent service and a very professional company. Edward managed the entire process and he was meticulous over every minute detail. Highly recommend not even looking at any other company.


Albatross 12

Absolutely fantastic service. They were the only company to deliver what the promised during our renovation. First class and highly recommended

Sean Henry

Kea 8

Fibreglass swimming pool being lowered by a crane into a customers backyard

How Much Do
Inground Pools Cost?

One of the first questions potential pool owners want to know when they call our company is: How much does a fibreglass pool cost? 
This cost and pricing guide will help you develop an initial budget and plan for the ownership costs associated with each type of inground pool.

Dive into our Process What to Expect when Getting a Fibreglass Pool

Getting a fibreglass Pool doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, we breakdown everything you need to know about creating your backyard oasis. 

Ready to get your Dream
Fibreglass Pool?

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Your Questions Answered

The cost of a fibreglass pool can vary depending on various factors, including pool design complexity, size, and installation site access. Generally, prices range from around $30,000 to over $90,000. Please see our complete “Inground Swimming Pool Cost & Pricing Guide”

Fibreglass pools are incredibly popular, due to a number of reasons. Fast installation time, easy maintenance and they are significantly cheaper in comparison. See our guide on which is better fibreglass vs concrete vs vinyl liner inground pools for a full breakdown.

With a fibreglass pool, you’ll be splashing around in no time! Unlike concrete or vinyl pools, our installation process is quicker, typically taking just 7-10 days. While weather and site access can impact installation time, we’ll work tirelessly to get your pool ready for those hot summer days.

Yes, however, we understand pool fencing and by-laws, can be overwhelming – Don’t worry though we can talk this through with you as every site is different and we know what would be the right fit for your property. You can also check out our guide answering all Pool fencing Questions for New Zealand

“In Auckland, building consent is not required for fibreglass pools or large spas if:

  • They are less than or equal to 250mm above the ground with a capacity of 16,000 litres or less.
  • They are less than or equal to 500mm above the ground with a capacity of 8,000 litres or less.
  • They are on or in the ground with a capacity of 35,000 litres or less.

However, all pools with a depth of 400mm or more need a compliant pool barrier, which may require building consent. The need for resource consent depends on the pool’s location relative to boundaries and other structures. For specific cases, like infinity edge pools or pools using boundary fencing as part of the barrier, individual assessment is needed. Portable pools of 35,000 litres or less with specific conditions may qualify for a fixed fee for building consent.”

Got more questions?

Still not sure if you want a fibreglass, concrete, or vinyl liner inground pool? Check out our resources section for everything you need to know about inground pools, all in one place.

Image of mother swimming with her baby in a fibreglass pool
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