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Pool Installation

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Now that you’re considering one of our premium pools for your space, you’re going to need to better understand the process behind installing your pool. When it comes to easy pool installation there is no better option than fibreglass – this is what makes our pools the best solution for almost every application.

The first step in any installation process is to assess the landscape where the pool is being installed. This must be done to both measure the area and ascertain what kind of permits and resource consent documents may be required for the project.

Once the area is mapped out and ready to go, the next step towards installing your dream pool is the excavation. Specifically formulated based on the pool you opt for, our installation team will have a 3D layout of the pool to ensure that they excavate to the required measurements of the fibreglass shell. Using the dig sheet provided, the installer will check how deep the excavation should be, allowing for the progressive pool depths and features.

Once the excavation is complete, we must apply a bed of gravel that will provide a base for the fibreglass pool shell to rest on. To ensure we get a smooth, levelgrading when we install the pool we use ‘Screed Bars’ to mould the contours of gravel, creating a slope consistent with the shape of the pool.

One of the things that our assessors will look for when they come to your site for a consultation, is the ease of access for a crane to be able to lower your pool without obstruction. When your pool has been lowered into the excavated site, we then will double-check all areas to make sure it is completely level, before beginning to backfill.

Fibreglass Swimming Pools

A perfect option for people looking for a completely custom swimming pool,

100% Coverage

A vinyl lined pool is a good option for people looking for an affordable cost-effective solution

25 Year Warranty

With Our 25 Year Warranty that covers not only our product but our installation

Swimming Pool Installation in Auckland!

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A fibreglass pool is an excellent option if you’re looking to find balance when it comes to creating a personalised oasis for you in a convenient time frame.

When you contact us we will send out one of our experts to you. We will then have a meeting with you to discuss all your options and how we can cater a pool solution to suit your needs best. Once our expert assessor has gathered all the relevant information, we can then assemble a quote for you. Our initial consultation and quote are provided completely free of charge, and once you have your quote there are no extra hidden costs.

Because our fibreglass pools are produced offsite at a high tech, quality-controlled factory we can offer one of the fastest pool installations in Auckland. With a one-piece fibreglass shell, the biggest step in installing the pool is delivering it and setting it in the excavated area on site. Once it has been set in place and levelled, your new pool is now ready to be plumbed in.

Fibreglass pools are the number 1 option for people looking for convenience and affordability. So get in touch with us today to find out how we can create an outdoor living space that works for you and fits all your needs!

Our Processs

Starting with a consultation, we will take you through a range of designs and cater everything to you, and with all your appropriate council permits taken care of we can guarantee you an enjoyable, stress free experience that will leave you with the pool of your dreams.

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Principal Pools are proud to offer affordable, quality pools for all property types. Prices on all ranges of pools can be discussed upon consultation, depending on the size and fit.

Principal Pools guarantees the highest quality pools for every property, scale and plotting. We believe you’ll love the quality so much, we offer a lifetime warranty on all pools and installations.

Customers can rest easy knowing that installation is easily achievable. Our assessors come to your site for a consultation, to check if there are any obstructions to installation. When officially installed, we use a crane to be able to lower your new pool with ease.

Our range of high quality and luxurious pools are perfect for indoor and outdoor accessories. Whether you’d like something minimal, out-there or in between, Principal Pool’s catalogue offers custom-built pools for any property owner.

Our pools are 100% safe, especially for families. With resistance to algae, less irritation due to saltwater solutions and reduction of harmful chemicals involved in the cleaning process, Principal Pools easily comply with our health and safety guarantee.

We offer a lifetime structural warranty on our inground pool

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What our clients say

Fantastic service and communication from Edward & the team at Principle Pools – we love our pool!

Katy Elliot

Principle Pools has helped us through the entire process of achieving our dream of having a swimming pool for our family. From obtaining council consent, right through to the finishing touches, we cannot fault Edward & his team. We highly recommend them to our friends and family.

Melissa Burns