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Principal Pools About Us

Made here in New Zealand, our top quality fibreglass pools come in a huge range of sizes made by industry leading experts who use the latest methods and technologies to create the highest consistency finish. These pools are then installed by our expert team of installers and contractors who will ensure quality of work as well as a timely, efficient installation.

At Principal Pools our highly experienced, industry leading team, is dedicated to providing you with an easy step by step experience giving you peace of mind. We pride ourselves on offering a team of super friendly, knowledgeable, and trustworthy staff who can help you along every step of your journey.

Concrete Swimming Pools

A perfect option for people looking for a completely custom swimming pool…

100% Coverage

So concrete pools might not be the best option for you. That’s not to say your…


With our warranty that covers not only our product but our installation as well.

Why Choose Us

Here at Principal Pools we place our customers first and we strive to create a trustworthy and transparent environment with all our clients. We believe this is a vital part in building a solid relationship in order to realise, and then help make your dreams a reality, and by focussing on this relationship between you and our team we can devote our efforts to working with you and communicating through every step of the process in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

So you’ve finally made the decision to go ahead with your dream outdoor entertainment space, and you have all these ideas floating around, you’re wondering what your next step is? To organise a time for us to come and see you, call, or email us at info@principlepools.co.nz
Principal Pools so we can run you through our process, and get you underway with your project.

Starting with a consultation, we will take you through a range of designs and cater everything to you, and with all your appropriate council permits taken care of we can guarantee you an enjoyable, stress free experience that will leave you with the pool of your dreams. To get a more in depth understanding of our process .