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Pools We Build

Here at Principal Pools, we pride ourselves on the quality of the products we use and install. We use fibreglass pools constructed, in New Zealand, out of locally sourced materials. Using methods and techniques that are used worldwide we can create and guarantee a perfect and consistent finish every time.
At Principal Pools we stand by our products so strongly that we provide a lifetime warranty with every installation.


So what are the benefits to a fibreglass pool?
One of the biggest benefits of choosing one of our pools is the ease of maintenance and cleaning compared to a concrete swimming pool. Being non-porous, fibreglass is resistant to algae build up and minimises the use of chemicals that would usually be required to maintain a clean pool.
Another benefit of a fiberglass pool is the fact that you won’t have the same colour leaching as you would in a concrete pool, this means that the use of harmful chemicals is reduced.
Fibreglass Pools are becoming more and more popular due to probably the biggest benefits of all, health and safety. As a result of needing less chemicals fiberglass pools often just use saltwater solutions instead which is a much safer and more natural alternative causing less irritation.
A practical advantage to installing a fiberglass pool is the ease of installation. By having your pool created offsite, the installation is a quick no hassle process that will only take a few days.