What Happens when you say Yes to investing in a Principal Pool?

Swimming pool backyard drawing plan

Step one: Paperwork and Designing your Pool.

You’ve signed the contracts and now it’s time to make your dream pool a reality.
Now it’s time to design!
Colour, Size, Entry steps.

We will then send one of our experienced team to your home to make a site visit, they will walk you through the location and model of the pool to best suit your space. We will then provide you with a written proposal and quotation showing all costs involved.
Once you have confirmed we will go ahead and apply for all necessary consents from your local council.

We will also lay out tarpaulin in your space to represent where your pool will be, this will help you with picturing your future pool.

Step Two: Excavation.

Once we have had all necessary clearance we will begin excavation. We will contact you to arrange this.

This will include our team coming out to your site to begin digging. Our steel load will also be delivered and put into place.

Your pool will soon start to take shape!

*Did you know once your hole is dug tempoary fencing has to be put in place*

Image of a before and after of a fibreglass swimming pool being installed
Fibreglass swimming pool being lowered by a crane into a customers backyard

Step Three: Pool delivery.

Now for the fun part, your pool will be airlifted in. Very James Bond!

It will be put in place and plumbed in. Our plumber will have planned with you previously about where you would like your pump and filter placed.

*Did you know with fibreglass pools you can be swimming in just two days!*

Step Four: Fencing.

Now your pool is in place, time to start blowing up your floaties!

Whilst you do that we will be putting in place your previously selected fencing.

Once this is all done, its time to get your togs on ready for the best step!

Step Five: Enjoy!

Its time for the Handover.

Essentially, this is where we will explains to you how to look after and maintain your pool equipment, and keep the chemicals in check.

Once this is done you are ready to dive in!

*Did you know the great thing about fibreglass pools are that they need half the amount of upkeep as a concrete pool*

Our Fibreglass Pools

The Elegance

Available in 6 sizes 6m-12m

Fibreglass Pool with spa attachment

The Absolute

Available in 3 sizes 8m-12m

The Acclaim

Available in 3 sizes 8m-12m

The Harmony

Available in 4 sizes 5m-8m

The Reflection

Available in 5 sizes 6m-10m

The Reflection with Auto Cover

Available in 3 sizes 7.9m-9.9m

The Reflection with Splash Deck

Available in 2 sizes 8.5m-9.5m

The Esprit

5.70m Long by 2.25m Wide

The Olympus

4.65m Long by 2.20m Wide

The Capri Spa

1.80m Long by 1.60m Wide

The Fiji Plunge

2.90m Long by 2.10m Wide