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Pool Cost

Factors That Will Affect Your Pool Cost

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive from potential clients is, how much will a new pool cost? While this is an extremely important question, and something that you should have an understanding of, there are so many different variables to consider that stop us from being able to provide a blanket cost.

Depending on where you want your new swimming pool has a huge impact on the overall quote. When we have someone assess your site and start planning, they will look at how much groundwork and landscaping is required. The amount of plant growth and obstructions that we need to clear will impact your overall installation price.

The next factor we will assess when quoting your new pool is what processes and techniques we will need to use to transport and install your fiberglass shell. If you live in a crowded cityscape with lots of overhanging objects nearby we may need to explore other options than installing your pool with a crane. These variations in the installation process all impact the pool cost.

The area you live in may have an impact on the price of your new swimming pool – certain geographical areas have different types of soil or a lot of volcanic rock which can be problematic or time-consuming to remove during the excavation process. Not only do we have to consider the time it takes to remove different types of soil, but extra expenses may be incurred due to the disposal of certain soils and rocks. While you can’t control these factors it’s important to consider them when deciding on a new swimming pool – for your needs and proposed pool area there may be alternative options that we can consider. Creating a new pool that fits your space and needs perfectly is not a one size fits all process, it’s a personal experience, and we want to help you make all the right decisions.

Pool Costs You May Not Have Considered

When you get in touch with us for your consultation we will attend a site visit where we can run you through any expenses that you may have overthought. One of the factors we consider when quoting a new pool for our clients is the accessibility of the site and what methods and machinery will be required to install.

For the majority of our fiberglass pool installations we use a digger to lower the shell into the excavated site. This is the easiest most pool cost-effective method due to the digger already being on-site for the excavation process. If for whatever reason we conclude that a digger is not the most efficient method of installation for your job we also have access to cranes and hiab trucks to lower it into place. The installation machinery we use has a big impact on the cost of your new pool as cranes are much more expensive than a digger.

All new pools that are below ground, i.e. excavated, require council consent and permits. This is something that a lot of people tend to overlook, but that’s why you should opt for Principal Pools to carry out your new pool construction! Our super knowledgeable team will assess your property on their site visit to determine what permits and consent forms will be needed. As part of our inclusive installation cost, we cover this and will do all necessary paperwork.

One of the questions we get asked a lot is, what method of plumbing do we use and how cost-effective it is to maintain and operate?

We use nova coil which is a highly reputable brand of pool plumbing and piping to create a high-quality, low maintenance pool that is both affordable to purchase and install as well as being affordable to operate. One of the benefits of a fiberglass pool is the lack of cleaning and solution chemicals you need to maintain a healthy pool. This is a big pool cost consideration for a lot of people when learning about the different pool options available to them.

The Cost of a Swimming Pool in NZ

A lot of people are scared of purchasing a new pool because they don’t have a good understanding of all the costs required for a pool installation in New Zealand. While we work with the local councils and inspectors to ensure all of your permits and consents are up to date there are a few things that still need to be organized for your ultimate pool oasis.

One of the rules for owning a pool in New Zealand is ensuring you have the proper safety precautions in place. A pool fence is required by law now. For a pool fence to meet legal requirements there are a few things that are needed: your fence must be over 1.2 metres high, the gate must open out from the pool, the gate latch has to be a minimum of 1.5m high, and any gaps in the pool fence must be smaller than 100mm in diameter.

While we handle the consent process, we do not organise any landscaping work or pool fencing installations. However, we can put you in touch with excellent contractors to ensure the process of creating your pool runs smoothly without any interruptions.

Another ongoing cost to factor into your pool cost is inspections. Every 3 years your pool must be inspected by a council approved inspector to ensure it’s up to safety and health standards.
Now that we’ve explored all the hidden costs involved with owning and installing a new inground fiberglass pool, the next step is to get in touch with us so we can carry out our free, no-hassle consultation and site visit. We pride ourselves on being upfront with our customers on our initial site visit and with years of experience. Contact us so that we can provide you with a quote that’s site-specific and fits all your needs and preferences.

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