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Fibreglass Pools

Fiberglass Pools Construction Auckland

Whether you’ve purchased a home, are building new, or just looking to spice up your living and entertainment area, our fibreglass pools are the perfect addition.

The advantages to choosing a fibreglass swimming pool over other types of pools are endless, and most people don’t fully understand what these differences and benefits even are! We’re going to explore these benefits and how they will make life super simple so that you can create endless summer memories in your new swimming pool.

Let’s start with one of the biggest and most obvious differences and benefits of a fibreglass pool over a concrete or vinyl lined pool: the time it takes to install. A single piece shell is created at an offsite quality controlled factory and is shipped to your property. After arriving at yours, it then only needs to be placed into a hole that our excellent team will have already excavated. It’s just a matter of sealing it into the ground, filling it up, and creating memories. The amount of time taken to install it is minimal, usually no more than a couple of days. Simple as that!

Probably the next most important benefit to choosing a fibreglass pool is not being required to use harsh chemicals that are used in other types of pools. Knowing what you and your loved ones are swimming around in may seem somewhat trivial, but the health benefits of a fibreglass pool are vast. Most pools use chemicals to keep bacteria and algae at bay in order to maintain a clean healthy pool, however, because of the way our pools are made none of these are required which is why we suggest you avoid chemicals entirely. Instead why not choose a saltwater system, which is a much more naturally occurring option that is a lot healthier for everyone.

Originally created to be used as an insulator, fibreglass is the obvious choice to make if you’re wanting to opt for a heated pool. Due to the poor insulating factors of a vinyl lined pool heat quickly escapes making this a bad choice for heated pools, and with concrete being a thick solid layer it is highly costly to effectively heat a concrete pool. Therefore why not opt for fibreglass, combining the thin layer properties of vinyl lined pools, with superior heat retention, enabling you to get the best of both worlds. So why not get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can provide you with a cost effective heated option?

Nobody wants to spend all their time cleaning and repairing their brand new swimming pool that you bought to enjoy and swim in! Therefore ease of maintenance is a huge consideration when looking at what pool option works best for you. With a super tough, durable coating, fibreglass pools can take an absolute beating and still hold up a beautiful, strong surface. Due to the non porous nature of fibreglass the growth of algaes and surface bacteria is hugely inhibited, meaning that the time it takes you to clean the pool is minimal, ensuring you get to enjoy your pool for what you bought it for…. Creating memories!

Interested in our fibreglass pools? Our construction in Auckland is unrivalled

Our pools are made right here in New Zealand by our highly skilled, committed team who are dedicated to providing you with a satisfying outcome. A fibreglass pool with easy procedures of pool installation is made out of a single piece shell that is created around a highly finished defect free swimming pool mould. At Principal Pools we have invested huge amounts of time and thought into providing our customers with top of the line moulds that are second to none.

Once we have a perfect mould created the next step in creating our top of the line pools is a customisable coloured gel coat which gives off a striking, reflective surface. The beauty of these gel coats are their abilities to withstand the toughest weather conditions and resist colour fading. Here at Principal Pools we use Nuplex, a premium Gelcoat supplier of the swimming pool industry.

Now that your beautiful colour gelcoat has been applied to the mould, the next step towards providing you with your dream pool is an epoxy vinyl ester resin. One of the biggest issues that people have with their fibreglass swimming pools is a process referred to as osmosis: this is when water seeps into the gel coat of your pool creating air pockets and bubbles in the surface. By applying this next epoxy vinyl resin coat, shell strength is increased and the ‘bubbling’ process is prevented from happening, ensuring your pool lasts for an immeasurably long period of time.

After applying the epoxy resin layer, we need to wait for it to fully cure before we can continue on to the next stage. Once we’re completely happy with the gelcoat and resin layer, our expert team moves on to applying 4 layers of structural fibreglass to help provide your strong, durable fibreglass pools. These layers of fiberglassing need to be left to be completely cured before we can proceed.
The next stage in creating your dream is strengthening and bracing your fibreglass pool shell. During this step we also take the time to apply extra layers of fibreglass to the steps and seats to ensure superior strength and seal. We then go on to create an edge enclosure of bond beams to provide a superior quality and strength to the pool; this helps us to ensure we remain the leading pool in NZ.

One of the biggest differences in the construction of our pools is the final layer of Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin we apply. While most other pool companies use tinted polyester resins or flow coats, we use a highly specialised coating that prevents water and moisture seeping into the exterior of the shell. This coat is then left to cure completely before we can proceed to removing your new swimming pool off of its mould!

Now that you’ve got your brand new, NZ made pool shell made out of the best products, the only thing left to do is get it delivered to your property and installed. So get in touch with our super team right now to find out about our range of fibreglass pools and how we can create your dream oasis!

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Fiberglass Pools
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